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October 21, 2006

It’s not easy

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It’s not easy to be an adult webmaster. I know that many people think that adult webmasters are some bad people. I must say that this is not true. As webmaster or not in any category of people there are good and bad persons, but because what we are doing (making webpages with adult content) we are considered bad.

I don’t like this and I am not happy about this at all. There are things that I know for 100% that adult webmasters hate more than ordinary people. And that is having to work with cheaters and scammers who think that this is an easy way to get money, who spam everything, who use illegal images, who steal images, and I could continue the list for hours. Almost every adult webmaster fight this idiots, who give our bussiness a really bad name.

Now I am not sure this blog won’t be deleted, but hopefully not, because this won’t contain any link or image with nudity. Belive me the nudity I saw it’s enough for 10 lifetimes already, and it’s boring to see naked chicks. This is the true. It is completely boring, and when I watch the images all I can see is how bright they are, if they fit right to the page, if the design of the page is ok, and not the actual content of the image.

Damn! My head is spinning over and over, but all I wanted to say that it is not easy to be a succesfull adult webmaster. There are many things I learned over the time, and still I am not happy with what I make with this job. From page building, to traffic analyzing, there are hundreds of small things that matter to have a successfull page.


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